For those who happen upon this journal

Essentially I'm not a big journaler anymore, so I hope you'll ignore my silly entries from the past :)

If you want to add me that's cool, I can't promise very much activity, but I do keep up with my friends page.

At some point I might start translating and posting here, but we will have to see what happens in the near future :)
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Hey there

About a month behind my last update, give or take a few days. I got the job and am now a corporate pawn. I dunno if any of you have any AMF bowling lanes around you, but that's where I work. Doing birthday parties and working at the snack bar. My work sucks at scheduling, but I think i'm finally learning and slowly growing as a worker, at least I hope so.

Today I work from 3:30-9 as birthday party host, so I really have to go and get ready very shortly here.

A japanese exchange student named Masami is going to my school and she's really sweet. I want to become better friends but I never know what to say, it's kinda fact I never know what to say to people I odn't know at all, 'cus I don't know how far I can go with them before they start thinking of me as weird. hmm, a conflict.

I kinda want to start up an icon community on LJ, but of course I'm slug-bait on actually making the icons, so here's an offer to my lj buddies first, any ofyou want an icon-journal with moi?

I think that's pretty much it. I've worked every day this week (except tuesday) and I have heckuva hw and that sucks...but school is doing pretty well I think...maybe I'm just deluded, who really knows? At least I'm gonna make bank on my next paycheck! Valkeryie Profile 2, here I come!(even IF i have a lot of other games i should probably be beating first... >.>)
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Garh, I'm irritated, but I'm irritated about something stupid so it's not worth talking about. Moving on.

I have homework, it's a page on what i think my strengths & weaknesses are in my writing. Blegh!

More importantly, and the point of this post, I wanted to say that I totally filled out an application for the bowling alley where (one of) my best friend(s) and her boyfriend works. Now I just got to turn it in and hope for an interview and then a job. I don't even have the car I'm supposed to get from Washington yet so my mom will have to drive me to it, but at least I have my license, and when the truck's mirror is fixed I'll be able to drive that! So yeah, should prove to be interesting, I think...

That's about it this time around, see you next sporadic update~
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Well just for all of you who were wondering, I had my first day of school. I have, quite possibly, the easiest schedule known to man this semester, party!
I T/A and then i have AP GOV/Lang (mixed class every other day i go to a different 'section') then I teacher aide again, and then I have pre-calculas, boozahhh!

anyways that's it, ciao

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Today went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest, while beforehand getting an In-N-Out burger...mmmm...

Anyways, totally enjoyed it (YAY!) and tomorrow leaving for Disneyland~

I got my (younger) sister to let me borrow her digicam, that she got for her b-day, so expect some pictures of the good-ol Disney crew and moi~

I'll be gone by 7:00(T_T) in the morning~